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interior wrought iron balusters: spindles and fittings
Brazilian Stair treads & Railings with Black Wrought Iron Spindles

All metal components are powder coated NOT just spray painted, to offer every client 10x greater scratch resistance then a standard, spray painted finish. As with every finishing product, there is cheap paint and a quality finish. We do NOT shop for the least expensive spindles on the market, but rather those that we feel offer the best value. Those that are nicely manufactured and with a finish that will offer you some durability so it looks newer longer, and with a richer overall appearance.

For custom colours you can order all of these spindles in raw metal and finish them yourself.

ALL of our spindles come with Engineered Testing Papers to comply with Ontario Building Code Requirements. This is VERY important. At least locally if you can't provide this documentation your railing will not be approved, they will not issue a occupancy permit and you will be forced to redo it.

Here's an idea on what styles we have to offer:

SQUARE Styles and Fittings:

Basic 1/2" Square Iron Spindles : no pattern, just a square tube

Basic 1/2" Square Spindle with 1 or 2 Square Decorations

Spoon Spindle: Square bar with hammered spoon and one square decoration

wrought iron spoon spindles

With all square spindles it is necessary to use at the very least a "foot" . To install you need to drill an oversized round hole to accept the square end of the spindle. The foot is designed to cover the installation hole and give your job a more refined appearance.

Fittings for Square Spindles: Feet, 2-piece swivels (for angle installation)

feet for wrought iron spindles   Swivel Feet for Wrought Iron Spindles

ROUND Styles and Fittings:

Basic 1/2" Round Iron Spindles: no pattern, just a round tube

Basic 1/2" Round Spindle with 1 or 2 square decorations

Spoon Spindles: Round bar with hammered spoon and one round decoration

round spoon spindle

Round Spindle with a long thin cage

wrought iron long thin cage metal spindles

Round Spindle with a long TWISTED cage

wrought iron long thin cage metal spindles

The one advantage with round spindles is that you can easily drill a round hole in your handrail and shoe rail for installation... round spindle, round hole, so the only reason you would use special feet is for decorative purposes... more information on metal shoes.



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