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The CLASSIC line is solid 3/4" thick wood for Nail-down Installation


Typically $6.00 - $7.25 for standard species (some volume discounts apply)

No allowance for waste needed.... buy ONLY WHAT YOU NEED, making Mirage Hardwood Floors cheaper than most North-American-made Flooring on the market, with a quality finish and fit that has won them 18 Industry Quality Awards in 5 years.

I saved $1200 on my total flooring bill. Your floor was a little more expensive per foot, but I only needed 760 sq. feet instead of the 900 square feet I was quoted elsewhere.. there wasn't a piece I had to throw away... S. Michaud, Sudbury ON

mirage hardwood floor
Mirage Classic 3/4" Solid Wood Floor: American Black Walnut

available in 4 widths: 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 3 1/4" and 4 1/4" wide.

The 2 1/2" width is by far the most common and best at dealing with the relatively wide range of humidity fluctuations typical of the weather in Northern Ontario. Gives you a little more width then the typical 2 1/4" for the same price, and yet still allows for relatively close spacing of nails for secure fastening.

The 3 1/4" width is perfect for homes that have air-conditioning to deal with the high humidity in August and air circulation systems that add moisture to the air in the dry winter months.

The 4 1/4" width is not typically a good choice for THIS environment and we encourage customers to consider the 5" engineered or floating floor if this is the appearance they would like. We have found that nailing your floor every 4 1/4" does not provide enough holding power in most cases to prevent the cupping in high summer humidity.

  • designed for above and on ground nail down applications.
  • 15 different colours to choose from
  • 5 Canadian Woods: Oak, Maple, Birch, Cherry & Walnut
  • Exotic Wood: Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) & Tigerwood
  • A colour selection and richness for every taste!
  • PRICING: most floors in this category are between $5.50 & $7.00 per foot

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